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AL MAQTARI AUDITING is facilitating through their associates Offshore Company Formation in RAKIA (RAK INVESTMENT AUTHORITY), Government of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, and in JAFZA (JEBEL ALI FREE ZONE AUTHORITY), Government of Dubai, UAE.

Key Features of an Offshore Company in the RAKIA free zone are:

No need to visit Dubai to form the company.

Bank account can be operated in U.A.E.

For an individual, only utility bill, passport copy and bank reference are required in order to form an offshore company.

Only one director is required.

Company will be formed in 24 hours once the application forms & MOA are verified by RAKIA.

The formation cost is the lowest.

If you require advisory services with regard to offshore company formation and related matters, contact us today.

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Key Features of an Offshore Company in JAFZA are:

Requires the shareholders/directors to visit Dubai for incorporation.

A minimum of two directors is required.

Bank account can be opened at any bank in U.A.E.

The company may own properties in Dubai World, Dubai Holdings and Emaar Properties.

It may take from 5 days to 3 weeks for completing the formation of an offshore company.