Financial Model Reviews

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Our team is one of the strongest Model Review teams in the Middle East with over 20 projects in the region over the last years.

Model review services are designed to improve the robustness and reliability of Excel based models and should be seen as part of a wider process by the model owner to ensure the model’s mathematical accuracy and internal consistency. Upon request, in addition to these steps the engagement may also include commenting on the accounting or tax assumptions of the model and tracing back specific inputs to external documentation.

In accordance with industry best practice, our review process includes using third party software to analyse the model and then manually review unique formulae (“bottom up”) and a parallel analytical review to sense check the outputs of the model (“top down”).

During the process we will issue reports containing items that need to be addressed by the model builder – prioritized in Possible Errors, Outstanding Questions and Required Confirmations – and will require a final version of the model, addressing all matters identified, which we will compare to the version we reviewed. Upon satisfactory completion of our procedures we will issue a report defining the procedures performed, the initial and final version of the model and the absence of identified issues in the final version of the model.

Please contact Stefano Ledda, Partner, on +971 (0)2 626 8636 for further details